Hi All

Hi guys I'm Danijel Djuric a software engineer. I love developing great software. I created this site for solely one purpose. I wanna share my experiences and samples with entire world when i want to. I wanna share experiences with work that i mostly do to prevent other people to make some mistakes, as well as share my opinion with others. I'm mostly doing DL, ML and neural networks atm and honestly i'm in love with it. I'm gonna share as much of my experience as i can and create as many samples for it as i can

Software Development

All my life i've been in love with software development. Great effort and thinking from number of people of team has always been fascinating to me

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails has established itself from the early days to be one of the best web application development technology in the community. Easily understandable and quickly modifiable is one of the best approach in today agile environment. Quickly prototyping application has become one of the most useful development practices. Rails gives you an option to display quick prototype quickly and focus on the main business/application issues you really need to focus on View projects with Rails


Uuuuu what to say about python. One of the mostly/widely used programming language in the world. For a very good reason Python code is elegant, forces good practices and has really nice syntax. For me as an ML, DL, AI guy python is where i spend very big amount of time. I really love how it's simple and how its functionally great and readable. Standards forced by python are great for any developer and help them a lot. Productivity is busted. Because it's used by the big players it's always fast because all the libs are c++ and python wrappers are created for them. Brilliant


PHP, very good and to me often very frustrating language. I have on and off relationship with PHP. There are times where i can't stand the language
while at different times i really love it. To be fair, i tried laravel and, aldo it's rails system implemented in PHP, i do like it. It really boosts productivity and is really good for most times and web apps people are creating


Well i have to say i love javascript. Since EcmaScript 6 came out with it's new syntax and with emergence of webpack and React, Vue i'm inlove with it. It's much better that it was with ES5 standard and it made everybody's life easier. React and Vue, as well as other libs are great for development and i'm very happy with emergence of all of them Very excited for future of Javascript